Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology Minor (Non-Teaching)

NRSM 101Natural Resource Conservation3
NRSM 102Montana Range Plants1
BIOO 230Identification of Seed Plants4
NRSM 350Vegetation of Western Wildlands3
NRSM 351Biomes of Western Wildlands2
AGSC 454Agrostology3
or BIOO 435 Plant Systematics
NRSM 240Natural Resource Ecology3
NRSM 353Grazing Ecology and Management3
NRSM 453Habitat Inventory and Analysis3
Take two of the following:6
Wildlife-Livestock Nutrition
Riparian Ecology & Management
Fire Ecology and Mgmt
Wildlife Habitat Ecology
Wildlife and Livestock Habitat Restoration
Wildlife Habitat Management
Total Credits31

A Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology Minor does not meet qualifications for professional employment with federal agencies.

All students are responsible for meeting prerequisites for upper division courses.