Plant Biotechnology Option

Freshman YearCredits
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3
BIOB 105CS - Introduction to Biotechnology3
BIOB 170IN - Principles of Biological Diversity4
CHMY 141 - College Chemistry I4
BIOB 160 - Principles of Living Systems
or BIOB 260 - Cellular and Molecular Biology
CHMY 143 - College Chemistry II4
Select one of the following:3
BIOB 318 - Biometry*
STAT 216Q - Introduction to Statistics*
M 165Q - Calculus for Technology I*
Select one of the following:3-4
M 161Q - Survey of Calculus*
M 166Q - Calculus for Technology II*
University Core and Electives11
Year Total: 39-40
Sophomore YearCredits
BIOB 375 - General Genetics3
CHMY 321 - Organic Chemistry I
or CHMY 211 - Elements of Organic Chemistry
CHMY 323 - Organic Chemistry II**4
BIOM 360 - General Microbiology5
ECNS 101IS - Economic Way of Thinking3
University Core and Electives8-12
Year Total: 27-31
Total Program Credits: 66-71

If a student takes BIOB 318 Biometry or STAT 216Q Introduction to Statistics, then the student must take M 161Q Survey of Calculus. If a student takes M 165Q Calculus for Technology I, then the student must take M 166Q Calculus for Technology II.


If a student takes CHMY 321 Organic Chemistry I, the student must take CHMY 323 Organic Chemistry II.

Junior YearCredits
BCH 380 - Biochemistry5
BIOB 430 - Plant Biotechnology3
BIOO 433 - Plant Physiology3
HORT 447 - Advanced Plant Propagation3
PHSX 205 - College Physics I4
PHSX 207 - College Physics II
or STAT 217Q - Intermediate Statistical Concepts
University Core and Electives8
Year Total: 30
Senior YearCredits
Select one of the following:1-6
BIOB 490R - Undergraduate Research
BIOB 498 - Internship/Cooperative Edu
BIOB 499 - Senior Thesis/Capstone2
BIOM 421 - Concepts of Plant Pathology3
BIOO 460 - Plant Metabolism3
Select one of the following:3-4
BCH 444R - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Methods
BIOM 455R - Research Mthds in Microbiology
University Core and Electives18-12
Year Total: 30
Total Program Credits: 60

Restricted Electives

Select five of the following:
AGSC 341Field Crop Prod3
AGSC 441Plant Breeding & Genetics3
BCH 441Biochemistry of Macromolecules3
BCH 442Metabolic Regulation3
BIOB 425Adv Cell & Molecular Biology3
BIOB 428Molecular Evolution3
or BIOB 420 Evolution
BIOB 477Genome Science and Gene Expression5
BIOB 480Conservation Genetics3
or BIOB 484 Population Genetics
BIOE 424Ecology of Fungi3
BIOM 410Microbial Genetics3
BIOM 423Mycology3
BIOM 430Applied and Environmental Microbiology4
BIOM 450Microbial Physiology3
BIOO 437Plant Development3