Military Science - Army ROTC

Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a unique course of study that complements an existing degree-producing program. By taking the Military Science courses, in addition to their regular major, MSU students are offered the opportunity to receive a Presidential Commission as an officer in the U.S. Army. A graduate of the program may elect to serve as an officer in either the active Army or in the National Guard/Army Reserve as a part-time soldier (one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer).

ROTC enhances a student's education by providing unique leadership and management training. The experiences provided by Army ROTC have proven to make a significant impact in the graduate's endeavors with many large businesses and corporations actively seeking this qualification for potential professional employees.  Army ROTC provides leadership experience.

The Four-Year Program

The four-year Army ROTC Program is divided into two parts called the Basic Course and the Advanced Course.

The Basic Course is usually taken during the first two years and covers such subjects as management principles, national defense, military history, and leadership development. In addition, a variety of outside social and professional enrichment activities are available. All necessary ROTC uniforms and other essential materials are furnished at no cost. After completing the Basic Course, selected students who have demonstrated the potential to become an officer and who have met the physical, medical, and scholastic standards are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Course.

The Advanced Course is taken during the final two years of college. It includes instruction in organization and management, tactics, ethics, professionalism and advanced leadership development.

During the summer between the junior and senior years of college, Advanced Course students attend a fully-paid four-week training session called the Advanced Camp. The Advanced Camp gives students the chance to practice what they have learned in the classroom, and apply their leadership skills.

The Two-Year Program

The two-year program is designed for a student who did not take ROTC during their first two years of school, or for students who have prior military service to their credit. The two-year program is also available to National Guard and Army Reserve college students that are participating in the Simultaneous Membership Program.

Several options exist for students to enter the Two-Year Program. For students with no previous military experience, a summer introductory military orientation session called Basic Camp is most often required. This is a fully-paid four-week course.

After successfully completing Basic Camp, students who meet all the necessary enrollment requirements continue in the Advanced Course.

Army ROTC Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Army ROTC scholarships for two, three and four years are awarded on a competitive basis to the best qualified students who apply.

Four-year scholarships are awarded to students who will be entering college as freshmen. Based on the availability of scholarships, three- and two-year scholarships are awarded to students already enrolled in college.

Each scholarship covers tuition and fees, a specified amount for textbooks, supplies and equipment, plus an allowance of $2,800 to $5400 for every year the scholarship is in effect.

Special consideration for an Army ROTC scholarship is given to students pursuing degrees in nursing, engineering, the physical sciences, and other technical skills in demand by the Army. Students who receive a scholarship must earn an undergraduate degree in the field in which the scholarship is awarded.

High Technology in Today's Army

Today's Army offers students the opportunity to learn valuable cutting-edge technology skills. Army careers in such fields as aviation, advanced electronics, laser technology, and computer programming are available to students who can accept the challenge of working within a rapidly changing technological environment. In the Army, students learn from experts and gain first-hand experience working with some of the most sophisticated equipment available.

Students who complete ROTC training and receive a degree in a high-tech area can look forward to an important career experience in the Army and a solid future in the world of rapidly expanding technology.

Minor in Military Studies

Choose four of the following:6-8
Foundations of The Air Force I
Foundations of The Air Force II
The Employment of Air and Space Power I
The Employment of Air and Space Power II
Leadership and Personal Development
Intro to Tactical Leadership
Innovative Team Leadership
Found of Tactical Leadership
MAS 309Fld Training, 4 Week *2
Choose five of the following:15
Air Force Leadership and Management I
Air Force Leadership and Management II
National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty I
National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty II
Adaptive Team Leadership
Applied Team Leadership
Adaptive Leadership
Leadership in a Complex World
Total Credits24-29

If a student is not accepted into MAS 309 or MSL 305 by the respective military service, the student can substitute an additional upper division course along with MSL 106, physical fitness training.