Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Required Courses

Twelve credits are required for the Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate.  The number of credits from CSCI 592 (Independent Study) and CSCI 594 (Seminar) combined is limited to 3. Note: These requirements guarantee that at least two courses will be taken from the first two sections.

The first section lists 400-level core Artificial Intelligence courses. The second section lists 500-level core Artificial Intelligence courses. The third section lists 500-level courses that provide advanced skills or fundamental theory that are highly valuable for working in artificial intelligence.

Electives: At Most One Course from
CSCI 446Artificial Intelligence3
CSCI 447Machine Learning: Soft Computing3
Electives: Any Number of Courses from
CSCI 546Advanced Artificial Intelligence3
CSCI 547Machine Learning3
CSCI 550Advanced Data Mining3
CSCI 592Independent Study (requires preapproval, must be AI relevant)1-3
CSCI 594Seminar (requires preapproval, must be AI relevant)1-3
Electives: At Most Two Courses from
CSCI 540Advanced Database Systems3
STAT 511Methods of Data Analysis I3
STAT 512Methods of Data Analysis II3
M 507Mathematical Optimization3
M 508Mathematics of Machine Learning3