The Graduate School

We are delighted that you are considering MSU for your graduate education. Graduate school is a place where you will gain expertise in your field and prepare to become the scientists, engineers, nurses, educators, agronomists, artists and architects of tomorrow. When you become an MSU graduate student, you become an essential part of the university by conducting cutting edge research, assisting in instructional teaching, and making significant contributions to your field of study.

Vision: The Graduate School strives to foster an environment that produces outstanding graduate scholars who contribute new ideas and knowledge using creative and innovative approaches to solve challenges in an evolving world.

Mission: The Graduate School enriches the graduate student experience by providing excellent service, timely oversight, and relentless advocacy for student success.

Explore the Graduate School website to learn more about MSU's outstanding graduate programs and consider reaching out to the Graduate School with questions. We can also be reached at 406-994-4145,

College of Agriculture

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Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology

Department of Plant Sciences

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College of Education, Health and Human Development

Department of Counseling

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Department of Human Development and Community Health

Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering

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Gianforte School of Computing

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College of Letters and Science

American Studies

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Mark and Robyn Jones College of Nursing

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