Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Contact Information

Department Head
Dilpreet Bajwa, Ph.D.
220 Roberts Hall; (406) 994-2203

Graduate Program Coordinator 
Sarah Codd, Ph.D.
314 Roberts Hall; (406) 994-1944

Application Deadlines

For details of the Mechanical and Industrial  Engineering graduate application process, including GPA, test scores, deadlines and funding opportunities, please see the graduate application and information page on the Department website: Be aware that Department funding for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) and Graduate Research Assistants (GRA) is not guaranteed. GTA and GRA funding is typically decided in April and November for the upcoming semester. Applications received after that time will be considered for funding only if opportunities and funds are available. Teaching assistantships involve assisting professors with the conduct of their classes, including preparation and grading. Research assistantships provide the opportunity for work on a research grant or industry sponsored project under the direction of a faculty member. Interested applicants should make inquiry directly to the Graduate Program Coordinator in the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department.

See the Graduate Assistantships sections for detailed information on appointment criteria.

Research Facilities

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department has well-equipped facilities and laboratories to support instruction and research. These include Advanced Structures, Biomechanics, Biomimicry, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Decision Support Systems and Operations Research, Fluid Mechanics, Fuel Cells, Heat Transfer, High-Performance Computing Facilities, Human Factors, Facilities Design, Instrumental Analysis, Materials Science, Micro-Electromechanical Systems, and Polymers.  Extensive facilities for destructive and non-destructive testing of advanced materials and structures are available. Advanced manufacturing facilities for composite materials and structures are continually expanding. Arrangements can also be made for graduate students to use the research facilities of other University departments. The M&IE Department, the College of Engineering, and the MSU campus maintain well-equipped computer labs with a complete complement of hardware and software for student use in coursework and research activities. Research is sponsored by industry and governmental agencies.


All Mechanical Engineering and Industrial and Management Systems Engineering master's degree students must follow the degree requirements listed in the Steps to Completing a Master's Degree section.

Doctoral candidates are required to pass three examinations: Ph.D. qualifying examination, Ph.D. comprehensive examination, and Ph.D. thesis defense. Refer to the Steps to Completing a Doctoral Degree and Ph.D. in Engineering sections for additional information.

Students are expected to be familiar with department, college and Graduate School requirements.