Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. students earn at least 60 post-baccalaureate credits, including at least 18 credits of dissertation work. In progressing toward this degree, the student must pass the following examinations:

  1. A written departmental Graduate Study Qualifying Examination administered to all M.S. and Ph.D. students in their first year of work.
  2. A comprehensive examination to be taken within two years of the qualifying examination and after completing two-thirds of their total coursework.
  3. A final oral examination and defense of a dissertation based on the student's research.

There is no foreign language requirement for the degree.

Degree requirements--60 credits total:

  • ≤ 28 credits Doctoral Thesis (EELE 690), with a minimum 18 credits.
  • ≥ 32 course credits that include:
    • 2 credits Scientific Communication and Proposal Development (ENGR 650), taken just before the comprehensive examination
    • ≥ 3 credits Advanced Math, Numerical Methods, or Statistics (committee approved)
    • ≥  27  advisor-approved credits with all graded credits having earned a B or better.
    • ≤ 9 credits at 4xx level


  • All credits must also meet the following conditions:

    • Regardless of how many credits are applied from a previously earned master’s degree, the Ph.D. program of study must include at least 9 credits of major courses taken
    •  at Montana State University (ECE-specific exception granted by Grad School).

    • All Ph.D. credits no more than ten (10) years old at time of graduation (this limit does not apply to courses counted from a previously earned master’s degree).
    • ≤ 6 credits Independent Study (EELE 592).
    • ≤ 3 credits pass/fail, excluding dissertation.
    • ≤ 9 credits challenged.
    • No credits of 488, 489, 490, 492, 494, 498, or 589 are allowed.

ENGR 650Scientific Communication and Proposal Development2
Advanced Math, Numerical Methods or Statistics Course (committee approved)3
Doctoral Thesis (EELE 690)18
Graded Coursework (27 credits)27
Other Graduate Courses or additional Doctoral Thesis credits10
Total Credits60