Ph.D. in Computer Science

A Ph.D. student must complete a minimum of 60 credits of coursework beyond the Bachelor's degree or a minimum of 30 credits of coursework beyond the Master's degree. The degree requirements for the Ph.D. degree are found at

Required courses include:

CSCI 532Algorithms3
CSCI 538Computability3
Doctoral Thesis (CSCI 690)18
And four courses from the following:
CSCI 534Computational Geometry3
CSCI 535Computational Topology3
CSCI 540Advanced Database Systems3
CSCI 546Advanced Artificial Intelligence3
CSCI 547Machine Learning3
CSCI 545Advanced Human Computer Interaction3
CSCI 550Advanced Data Mining3
CSCI 551Adv. Computational Biology3
ESOF 522Empirical Software Engr3