PhD in History

The Graduate Program is designed to train students to think historically, to conduct research effectively, and to write lucidly. Students research and write in seminar settings as well as individually under the guidance of each student’s graduate committee.  The program seeks to expand students’ intellectual horizons and expose students to the variety of roles played by historians in academic and public life through seminar discussions, classroom instruction, teaching assistantships, and internships.

All students will declare a Major Field of emphasis and two Minor Areas. 

The PhD in History requires a minimum of 30 course credit hours above the MA degree (total of 60 credits) and a minimum of 18 credits of HIST 690 Doctoral Thesis. Coursework will be chosen by the student, in conjunction with their committee.

Contact Information

For more information on applying to the program review the application process on the department website ( Or to ask specific questions on the graduate program in History and Philosophy, please contact the History and Philosophy Department at or by calling 406-994-4395.