Ph.D. in Fish and Wildlife Biology

The Ph.D. in Fish & Wildlife Biology serves the needs of students whose dissertation research addresses an applied fish or wildlife management problem. It serves the interests of students primarily interested in research careers in federal or state fish and wildlife agencies or in academic careers in fish and wildlife departments. Coursework associated with this degree tends to emphasize applied fish and wildlife management. Read more about the Fish and Wildlife Management Program here. To learn more about applying for the program, please see the Ecology Graduate Admissions Information page.

The full program of study is determined by the graduate committee following the Graduate School degree requirements, usually after the student has completed the required oral qualifying exam during the third semester in the program.

Courses taken while in a master’s degree program at M.S.U, beyond those listed on the master's Program of Study, may be used on an additional master’s program or a doctoral program at a later time.