Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

Training in statistical methods is a required part of the education of graduate students in engineering and the sciences. The Graduate Certificate in Statistics is designed to provide additional education in statistical thinking and methodology over and above the basic coursework taken by the typical graduate student in engineering and the sciences. This transcriptable certificate will provide a clear record of additional training in statistics for future graduate programs or employers. The Graduate Certificate will also be of interest to those currently employed in technical fields that utilize statistics and to post-baccalaureate students. To learn more on applying to this program, see the department website:

All coursework must have the MSU STAT rubric. Courses with other MSU rubrics or courses from other institutions are not transferable as substitutes for course requirements.

Course Requirements

STAT 511
STAT 512
Methods of Data Analysis I
and Methods of Data Analysis II
Choose two from the following, at least one of which must be either STAT 446 or STAT 5416
Nonparametric Statistics
Introduction to Time Series Analysis
Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis
Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
Mixed Effects Models
Statistical Quality Control
Experimental Design
Total Credits12

Current graduate students must:

Non degree seeking students must: