STEM Teaching Certificate

These courses in agricultural education, science, technology, engineering and mathematics will increase the K-14 teachers' understanding and application of STEM instruction.  All of the listed certificate course credits can be applied to MSSE Programs of Study.  The courses chosen for the STEM certificate are all electives in the MSSE Program.  Students will successfully complete 12 credits, with at least one course from each of the STEM content areas AND one methods course in either STEM or Engineering. The methods course will also count as the content course in that STEM area. 

Agricultural Education
AGED 507Program Planning and Evaluation3
AGED 511Philosophy of Teaching and Learning in Agricultural Education3
MSSE 501Inquiry Sci Eng Prac2
MSSE 511STEM Methods for Teachers2
Any science course listed on the MSSE course catalog:
MSSE 502Emerging Technology and the Science Classroom2
CSCI 581Computational Thinking Tchrs2
CSCI 582Joy Beauty Data for Teachers2
EGEN 511Engineering Methods for Teachers3
EELE 508Solar Cell Basics for Teachers2
M 517Advanced Mathematical Modeling for Teaching3
M 518Statistics for Teaching3
M 520Access and Equity in Mathematics Teaching3
M 521Mathematics Learning Theory for Teaching3
MSSE 508Statistics Bootcamp for MSSE Capstone Projects1

See the attached certificate course requirements.