Data Science Minor (Non-Teaching)

CSCI 127Joy and Beauty of Data4
CSCI 132Basic Data Structures and Algorithms4
CSCI 232Data Structures and Algorithms4
CSCI 246Discrete Structures3
or M 221 Introduction to Linear Algebra
or M 242 Methods of Proof
STAT 216QIntroduction to Statistics3
STAT 337Intermediate Statistics with Introduction to Statistical Computing3
Choose 3 courses from the following (at least one Computer Science and one Math/Stat course):9
Data Mining
Advanced Algorithm Topics
Database Systems
Machine Learning
Computational Biology
Software Applications in Mathematics
Numerical Linear Algebra & Optimization
Statistical Computing and Graphical Analysis
Methods for Data Analysis I
Methods for Data Analysis II
Biostatistical Data Analysis
Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
Experimental Design

Note 1: Additional relevant, upper-division courses will be added as options as they become available.  

Note 2: 490R (Undergraduate Research), 491 (Special Topics), 492 (Independent Study) or 494 (Seminar) credits related to data science also count.  These credits must be applied via Degree Works Exceptions.