Global and Multicultural Studies Option

The Global and Multicultural option offers students a broad perspective on international and American cultural, ethnic, and gender issues spanning a wide range of disciplines. Students will select 27 credits (18 of which need to be 300 or 400 level) from an approved list of global/multicultural courses spanning a wide range of disciplines.  In addition, students in this option select a specific area studies focus (e.g. Latin America, Asia, Europe, Native American, or Women's Studies) in which they take 12 additional credits (6 of which need to be 300 or 400 level) to provide deeper understanding of that region or field of study. In addition, students are required to achieve competence, at an intermediate level, in a foreign language appropriate to their field of area studies. Students in this option are encouraged to study abroad in a region appropriate to their field of area studies. Credits earned abroad may, with the approval of the Program Director, be substituted for global/multicultural or area studies courses as appropriate.  LS 499R may overlap with Core.  Proposed substitutions must be submitted in writing to the program advisor or director. 

Freshman YearCredits
LS 101US - Interdisciplinary Ways of Knowing3  
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3  
Modern Language (all languages are 3cr)3  
University Core3  
GH 100IH - Intro to World Cultures3  
Modern Language (all languages are 3cr)  3
University Core  9
GH 327 - Translating Global Cinema in the 21st Century  3
Year Total: 15 15
Sophomore YearCredits
Modern Language3  
Integrative Studies6  
University Core3  
Integrative Studies  6
University Core  9
Year Total: 15 15
Junior YearCredits
LS 301 - Integrative Seminar1  
Global & Multicultural Electives (see below)6  
Area Studies Electives (see below)6  
Global & Multicultural Electives (see below)  9
Area Studies Electives  3
Electives  3
Year Total: 15 15
Senior YearCredits
LS 301 - Integrative Seminar1  
Global & Multicultural Electives (see below)6  
Area Studies Electives (see below)3  
LS 499R - Senior Capstone   4
Global & Multicultural Electives (see below)  6
Elective  5
Year Total: 15 15
Total Program Credits: 120

Per MSU requirements for the degree, a minimum of 42 credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above. 

Global and multicultural electives to be chosen from:

AGSC 465RHealth, Agriculture, Poverty4
ANTY 101DAnthropology and the Human Experience3
ANTY 225ISCulture, Language, and Society3
ARCH 221World Architecture: Modern to Contemporary3
ARCH 322IAWorld Architecture I3
ARCH 323IAWorld Architecture II3
BGEN 242DIntroduction to International Business3
BMGT 464International Management3
BMKT 441International Marketing3
ECNS 314International Economics3
ECNS 317Economic Development3
EDU 211DMulticultural Education3
GPHY 121DHuman Geography3
GPHY 141DGeography of World Regions3
GPHY 325Cultural Geography3
HSTA 416Race and Class in America3
HSTR 135DThe Modern Middle East4
HSTR 160DModern World History4
HSTR 366Middle East/20th Century3
HSTR 468From Empire to Republic3
HSTR 484World Environmental History3
LIT 214DRegional Literature3
LIT 285DMythologies3
LIT 308Multicultural Literature3
LIT 440Studies in World Literature3
LS 451Film, Photos, and Culture: A Global Perspective3
MUSI 307IAWorld Music3
PHL 110IHIntro Ethics: Good and Evil3
PHL 255DPhilosophy and Culture3
PHL 308Language and the World3
PHL 354Philosophy of Race3
PSCI 230DIntroduction to International Relations3
PSCI 331International Relations Theory3
PSCI 434International Law3
PSCI 436Politics of Food & Hunger3
PSCI 437International Political Econ3
PSCI 439International Human Rights3
RLST 100DIntro to the Study of Religion3
RLST 402Natural/Unnatural/Supernatural3
RLST 410What is Religion?3
SOCI 344Sociology of Race & Ethnicity3
SOCI 358Crime and Inequality3
SOCI 370Sociology of Globalization3
SOCI 434Sociology of Human Sexuality3
SOCI 436Law and Inequality3

With the consent of the program director, courses from the Area Studies categories below may be applied as Global and Multicultural Electives.

Area studies electives to be selected from courses on one of the following areas

Africana Studies Certificate

The 15-credit certificate has two required courses, a 100-level introduction to Africana Studies and a 200 level course titled Approaches to Africana Studies. Students may then choose an anthropology, literature, or writing class focused on Africana studies followed by six elective credits.

Required Courses
LS 194DIntroduction to Africana Studies (Fall)3
Choose three (3) credits from:3
African American Literature
Special Topics (African American Rhetorics)
Take an additional nine (9) credits from:9
Introduction to American Studies
Contemporary Africa
Special Topics (Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the World's Biomes)
Gender, Race, Class, and Family Diversity
Race and Class in America
Race in Latin America
African American Literature
History of Jazz
Special Topics (Introduction to Philosophy and Race) Alternates with PHL 354
Philosophy of Race Alternates with PHL 291
Social Movements
Sociology of Race & Ethnicity
Hispanic Caribbean: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
Special Topics (African American Rhetorics)


ANTY 242DContemporary Japan3
ANTY 337Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japan3
ANTY 338Contemporary Pacific Societies3
ANTY 343Popular Culture - Japan3
ANTY 441Social Movements & Community Activism3
ARTH 360History of Asian Art and Architecture3
CHIN 130DHistorical and Literary Journey into Modern China3
CHIN 320IHHistory of Chinese Cinema3
HSTR 140DModern Asia4
HSTR 145DReinventing Japan4
HSTR 340Age of the Shoguns3
HSTR 342Japan's Meiji Revolution3
HSTR 345Modern China3
HSTR 346Modern India3
HSTR 443Gender in Asia3
HSTR 445Environ, Health & Sci in Japan3
HSTR 446Science and Medicine in China3
JPNS 150DJapanese Culture & Civ3
JPNS 320Classical Japanese Literature3
JPNS 321Modern Japanese Literature3
JPNS 361IHJapanese Text and Cinema3
PHL 270DPhilosophies of Asia3
RLST 202DHindu Traditions3
RLST 203DBuddhist Traditions3


ARTH 200IAArt of World Civilization I4
ARTH 201IAArt of World Civilization II4
FRCH 306IHFrench: From Reflection to Rev3
GRMN 360IHMurder, Magic, and Mythology: The German Fairy Tale3
HSTR 101IHWestern Civilization I4
HSTR 102IHWestern Civilization II4
HSTR 32219th Century Europe3
HSTR 32420th Century Europe3
HSTR 350Modern Britain3
HSTR 353Modern France3
HSTR 359Russia to 19173
HSTR 362Modern Germany3
HSTR 372The World at War3
HSTR 423European Intellectual History3
LIT 320Advanced British Literature I (Formerly LIT 324)3
LIT 321Advanced British Literature II (Formerly LIT 325)3
LIT 322Advanced British Literature III (Formerly LIT 326)3
LIT 473RHStudies in Shakespeare3
MUSI 211IAMasterworks in Music3
PHL 361RHHist of Philo:Ancient/Medieval3
PHL 362History of Philosophy: Modern3
PHL 383Reason and Revolution3
PSCI 356Classical Political Thought3

Latin America

HSTR 130DLatin American History3
HSTR 330History of Mexico3
HSTR 430Latin Amer Social History3
HSTR 431Race in Latin America3
HSTR 432Colonial Latin America3
HSTR 434Gender in Latin America3
SPNS 327Contemporary Spain & Nations3
SPNS 330Modern Cultures Latin America3
SPNS 332Contemp Latin Amer Literature3
SPNS 335IHTravel in Latin Am Lit & Film3
SPNS 362Hispanic Music and Poetry3
SPNS 416Latin America: Culture and Revolution3
SPNS 430Latin Amer Perspectives3

Native American Studies

ANTY 332Native North America3
NASX 205DNative Americans in Contemporary Society3
NASX 105DIntroduction to Native American Studies3
NASX 232DMT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues3
NASX 239Native North American History through Art and Material Culture3
NASX 280ISNative Ways of Knowing3
NASX 304Native American Beliefs and Philosophy3
NASX 310 Native Cultures of North America3
NASX 340IHNative American Literature3
NASX 360IHNative Americans and Cinema3
NASX 405 Gender Issues in Native American Studies3
NASX 415Native Food Systems3
NASX 430American Indian Education3
NASX 440Montana Indian Literature3
NASX 450History of American Indians3
NASX 471Native Grantsmanship3
NASX 476 American Indian Policy and Law3

Women's Studies

ANTY 337Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japan3
HTH 220Human Sexuality3
HSTA 407Gender in US & Canadian West3
HSTA 408Gender in America3
HSTR 415Gender and Technology3
HSTR 434Gender in Latin America3
HSTR 443Gender in Asia3
LIT 335Women and Literature3
NASX 405 Gender Issues in Native American Studies3
PHL 351Philosophy and Feminism3
PSYX 235DContemporary Issues in Human Sexuality3
PSYX 335Psychology of Gender3
RLST 321Religion and Gender3
SOCI 326Sociology of Gender3
SOCI 434Sociology of Human Sexuality3
WGSS 201IHIntro to Feminist Theories3
WGSS 301RHIntegrative Seminar in Women's Studies3

Up to 12 credits required in a minor or in a second degree program may be applied toward the Global & Multicultural and Area Studies electives.