Ph.D. in Animal & Range Sciences


The Ph.D. program is based upon an area of specialization in research and intensive coursework that would normally require three years of full-time work beyond the M.S. degree.  

In addition to departmental requirements candidates must fulfill the requirements of The Graduate School. The general requirements include:

  • PhD students in Animal and Range Sciences will be required to take 3 credits of ARNR 507 Research Methods and a graduate (400-500 level) course in experimental design and two graduate statistical methods courses.
  • The major professor and the student’s graduate committee will determine additional specific course requirements for completion of the Ph.D. degree.
  • All PhD programs must comply with The Graduate School, including 60 credits hours (18 which must be dissertation credits) above the B.S. degree.
  • Students must choose either the Animal Science option or the Range Science option; beyond this there are no specific minimum course requirements for the PhD program.
  • Specific requirements are to be decided by the student’s graduate committee.