College Teaching Certificate


The Adult and Higher Education Program offers a Certificate in College Teaching to develop and promote exemplary teaching among graduate students, aspiring faculty, and current faculty wanting to enhance their teaching skills.  The goal of the certificate is to make individuals more competitive in the job market as instructors and faculty members at colleges and universities. A total of 12 credits of coursework are required to earn the certificate. Participants may enroll in the program either Fall or Spring.

Program Flow

A total of 12 credits of course work are required to earn the College Teaching Certificate.  Taking three credits a semester, participants will be able to earn the certificate in two years.  Taking six credits a semester, participants will be able to earn the certificate in one year.  Participants may enroll in the program for Fall or Spring semesters.

Program of Study

Required Courses - 6 credits6
College Teaching
Field Experience in Educational Leadership (Section-006, College Teaching Practicum)
Field Experience is the experiential component for the certificate program and is taken after the majority of the coursework is completed.
Electives - choose 6 credits6
Issues and Trends in Higher Education
Organization and Administration of Higher Education
College Students
Post Secondary Distance Delivered Education
Theoretical Foundations of Student Services
Student Services
Independent Study
Other courses approved by committee
Total Credits12

Contact Information

Dr. Carrie Myers, Chair, College Teaching Certificate

Dr. Tricia Seifert

Dr. Sweeney Windchief

Dr. Bryce Hughes

Application for Certificate in College Teaching 

The minimum requirement for admission to the certificate program is a master’s degree or current enrollment in a master’s or doctoral degree program as well as knowledge of a self-identified discipline or area of specialization.  In the personal statement, candidates should describe their qualifications to teach the content of their discipline or area of specialization at the college level and their teaching goals.

Complete the online application through the Graduate School Online Application System

Applicants are to submit the following documentation during the application process:

  1. Official Transcripts – current students at MSU may submit copies of transcripts.
  2. Three letters of reference  –  one of these must address the discipline/specialization qualifications of the applicant to teach at the college level.
    1. NOTE:  If the applicant is a current graduate student at MSU, then only one reference is required.
  3. Current Curriculum Vitae
  4. Personal statement – please address the following:
    1. Brief background
    2. Goal for completing the Certificate – What are the applicants teaching goals?
    3. Discipline/content knowledge –  What qualifications does the applicant have to teach the content of the discipline or area of specialization at the college level?
    4. List of current teaching responsibilities or experiences
    5. Initial ideas on a possible course(s) the applicant would like to “teach” as part of the practicum experience. Also, include names of any mentors who might serve as a master teacher for the practicum experience.
    6. Has the applicant taken or are currently enrolled in any courses that might count towards the Certificate? If yes, list these and when taken.

Note: Additional information may be requested by the Admissions Committee upon receipt of application.

Application Deadlines

The following are the preferred application deadline dates by which all of the application materials must be submitted via the online application system.

Fall Semester:  April 1st
Spring Semester:  November 1st
Summer Semester:  April 1st

The following is the absolute deadline date for the fall semester. If an applicant is unable to submit all application materials via the online application system by the preferred dates listed above, he or she can submit the materials by the date listed below, as there will be a second review for the fall semester.

Fall Semester: August 15th

Contact Information

Micki MacGregor, Graduate Program Assistant
Department of Education
PO Box 172880, Reid Hall 215
Department of Education, Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880 
Phone: 406-994-6786