Master of Education in Adult & Higher Education


There are three specialization options for the Master’s in Education (MEd): Adult Education, Student Affairs, and Higher Education. 

Adult Education

  • Community education
  • Religious education
  • Workplace training and development

Higher Education

  • Entry-level general administrative positions in higher education
  • Program Development
  • Institutional Development and Leadership

Student Affairs

  • Residence Life
  • Career Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Student Support Services

Program Flow

After acceptance, the student will be assigned a temporary advisor and should then meet with his/her assigned advisor. During the second semester of enrollment, the student will identify a graduate committee chair and committee members, establish and submit their program of study to the Graduate School, and clarify plans for the comprehensive examination or master's thesis. Near the completion of course work, the student will write the comprehensive examination. Students writing a thesis will not be required to write a comprehensive examination. 


Each masters student's committee must consist of three members. The chair and one other member must be from the Adult & Higher Education faculty. The third committee member must have academic credentials in the area of the student's program of study and be approved by the Head of the Department of Education and Dean of The Graduate School.


The student should carefully select his/her chair after thorough conversations with members of the Adult & Higher Education faculty. The graduate committee chair will give strong leadership and approval regarding the balance of the committee's potential membership. The committee, as a whole, is subject to the approval of the Head of the Department of Education. The chair will facilitate program approval, comprehensive exam planning and clarification. Chairs and members of a student's committee are subject to change. In addition, revision to the program of study can be made during the course of study with the chair's approval.

Comprehensive Examinations

Near the end of completing course work, MEd students will complete a written comprehensive exam or a Master's Thesis. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of the program of study and the ability to interact with the research in that area.  The substantive content of the written exam questions will be determined by the chair in consultation with the committee. Students may be required to meet with the committee to provide oral clarification of their written responses.

If completing a masters thesis in lieu of a comprehensive exam, you will need to discuss thesis credit requirements with your graduate committee chair by the second semester.

Contact Information

Dr. Tricia Seifert

Dr. Carrie Myers, Program Leader

Dr. Sweeney Windchief

Dr. Bryce Hughes

MEd in Adult & Higher Education Options:

Application Process for the MEd in Adult & Higher Education 

Click Here to access the online application

During the online application process you will be asked to submit the following materials.

  1. Completed Graduate School Application
  2. GPA calculation sheet – The form is provided during the application process.
  3. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  4. Documentation of verbal and quantitative skills needed for the degree The general test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is required. Official scores can be sent to Montana State University (code 4488). There is no minimum score requirement. Applications are reviewed holistically and take into account all elements.
  5. Academic Transcripts – Provide official transcripts verifying all Bachelors degree course work submitted directly to the Department of Education Graduate Programs Office, 215 Reid Hall, PO Box 172880, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717. Transcripts will be evaluated for rigor and academic fit.
  6. Personal essay – The suggested length is 2-3 pages, double-spaced. Briefly describe your background, prior professional and leadership experience, why you are interested in our program, and how you plan to use your degree.
  7. Three (3) professional references – The letters should be from individuals qualified to assess your ability and potential as a graduate student and/or be able to attest to your work ethic and professionalism. References from relatives are not acceptable.
  8. For International Applicants ONLY
    TOEFL ( or ACE level 7 – Applicants who are not U.S. citizens and not from countries where English is the official language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language and score a minimum 213 (paper version- 550, 80 for the iBT). This requirement may be waived if the applicant has earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution in the U.S.
  9. For International Applicants ONLY
    International Student Financial Certificate     

Application Deadlines

Below are the deadlines by which all of the application materials for the MEd in Adult & Higher Education must be submitted via the online application system. By submitting materials by the deadline, accepted students may be eligible for early registration. In order for a graduate degree application to be reviewed for admission, all required application documents must be submitted prior to the department's posted deadline. Applications received after the deadline may be reviewed for acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

Fall Semester:  April 1st
Spring Semester:  April 1st
Summer Semester:  April 1st

*An early review deadline of February 1st has been set for those applicants wanting to be considered for Graduate Assistantships. Graduate Assistantships require students to work on campus 19 hours per week. Applications must be complete for an early review.

We hope that you are interested in our program!  We strongly suggest that you contact one of our faculty by e-mail or phone for further information and before applying. We would like to get to know you as early as possible. E-mail addresses of our faculty are listed on the Overview page.

Contact Information

Micki MacGregor, Graduate Program Assistant
PO Box 172880, Reid Hall 215
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880 
Phone: 406-994-6786  Email: