Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems Option

The sustainable food systems program focuses on sustainable food production, food preparation and processing, distribution, nutrition, and community food security in order for students to better understand how food systems influence health. Interested students may obtain descriptions by visiting the department website at Depending on the students' goals, undergraduate degree, and course work, additional courses may be added or deleted to supplement the curriculum.

Year 1Credits
HHD 501 - Prof Comm Skills in HHD3  
STAT 401 - Applied Methods in Statistics
or EDCI 501 - Educational Statistics I
SFBS 552 - State of the Environment: Policy, Management, and Practice3  
HHD 512 - Research Methods in HHD  3
SFBS 451R - Sustainable Food Systems  3
Electives tailored to program  0-3
Year Total: 9 6-9
Year 2Credits
SFBS 541 - Culinary Marketing: Farm to Table
or SFBS 598 - Internship
SFBS 551 - Global Food Perspectives3  
Electives tailored to program0-3  
SFBS 575 - Prof Paper & Project
or SFBS 590 - Master's Thesis
Year Total: 5-18 3-10
Total Program Credits: 30

Electives (other electives may be approved by the advisor)

AGSC 465RHealth, Agriculture, Poverty4
AGED 482Non-Formal Teaching Methods in Agriculture3
BMGT 410Sustainable Business Practices3
BMGT 469Community Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit Management3
CHTH 428Health Disparities3
CHTH 502Theories and Models in Health3
CHTH 503Community-Based Participatory Research3
HDCO 563Multicultural Awareness3
HSTA 409Food in America3
HTH 455The Ethic of Care3
LRES 528Bridging Principles & Practices of Sustainable Cropping Systems1
NASX 415Native Food Systems3
PSCI 406The Political Economy of Energy3
PSCI 436Politics of Food & Hunger3
SFBS 429Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Food and Health3