Certificate in Science Teaching in Chemistry

The Certificate in Science Teaching in Chemistry covers the broad field of chemistry.  These courses are high-energy, high-interest courses; increasing a students content knowledge and confidence when teaching chemistry in the classroom. The subject matter can be used as an introduction to chemistry or to strengthen one's current knowledge.

Complete 12 credits selected from the below list:

CHMY 505Critical Cncpts in Chemistry3
CHMY 506Integrating Computers into Laboratory Instruction2
CHMY 591Special Topics (An Atoms-First Primer for Ap/IB Chemistry Teachers)3
CHMY 591Special Topics (Chemistry of the Environment Water, Air, and Earth)3
CHMY 591Special Topics (Exploring Biochemistry for Teachers)3
CHMY 591Special Topics (Exploring Biochemistry II: Metabolism)3
CHMY 591Special Topics (Exploring Chemistry for Middle & High School Teachers)3
CHMY 591Special Topics (Exploring Organic Chemistry for Teachers)3
CHMY 591Special Topics (Special Topics in Chemistry: Kinetics, EQuilibrium, & Thermodynamics)3
CHMY 594Seminar (Science Lab Safety & Risk Management)1