Certificate in Science Teaching in Life Science

This certificate offers a broad spectrum of courses. From these, students can create a diverse program that includes anatomy and physiology, nutrition, ecology, plants, microbiology, insects and slime, or focus in on a specific area of interest.

Complete 12 credits selected from the below list:

ARNR 529Yellowstone Wildlife Habitat Ecology2
BIOL 591Special Topics (Alpine Ecology)2
BIOL 591Special Topics (Anatomy & Physiology - An Inquiry Based Approach for Teachers)3
BIOL 591Special Topics (Ecology of Trout Streams)2
BIOL 591Special Topics (Land Use Issues in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem)2
BIOL 591Special Topics (Teaching Evolution)3
BIOE 513Terrestrial Ecology of Plains and Prairies1
BIOE 519Riparian Zones/Wetlands2
BIOE 520Animal Biodiversity in GYE2
BIOE 522Birds of Prey2
BIOE 523Wildlife Ecology2
BIOE 591Special Topics (Advanced Ecology)2
BIOE 591Special Topics (Ecology & Conversation of the World's Marine Ecosystems - An Online Course for Teachers)3
ERTH 591Special Topics (Plant and Animal Response to a Changing Climate)3
EDCI 591Special Topics (Environmental Science Education: Fall Ecological Field Studies)3
EDCI 591Special Topics (Environmental Science Education: Summer Ecological Field Studies)3
EDCI 591Special Topics (Environmental Science Education: Winter Ecologial Field Studies)3
EDCI 591Special Topics (Symbiosis - Eat, Prey, and Love)3
LRES 557Thermal Biology in YNP2
LRES 569Ecol of Invasive Plants in GYE2
LRES 591Special Topics (Yellowstone Lake Ecology)2
MB 536Exploring Microbiology3
MB 538Cell & Molecular Biol2
MB 539Infection and Immunity3
MB 540Environmental Microbiology3
MB 541Microbial Genetics3
MB 542Microbial Ecology3
MB 591Special Topics (Special Topics in Microbiology)3
NUTR 526Nutrition for Fitness/Perform3
PSPP 548Flower Plnts of North Rock Mtn2
PSPP 591Special Topics (Biomimicry: The Technology of Biology)2
PSPP 591Special Topics (Plants, People, and Health)2