Ph.D. in Physics

PHSX 594Seminar (01 -Teaching Seminar)1
PHSX 594Seminar (15 -Research Introduction Seminar)1
PHSX 501Advanced Classical Mechanics3
PHSX 506
PHSX 507
Quantum Mechanics I
and Quantum Mechanics II
PHSX 519
PHSX 520
Electromagnetic Theory I
and Electromagnetic Theory II
PHSX 535Statistical Mechanics3
PHSX 566
PHSX 567
Mathematical Physics I
and Mathematical Physics II
Thesis (an acceptable thesis is required)
Doctoral Thesis (PHSX 690); minimum of 20 credits is required in addition to the courses listed above20
A written comprehensive examination and an oral comprehensive examination are required. A final oral examination is also required, covering the thesis and related areas.
Total Credits60

Electives Requirements

All elective courses must be approved by the student’s Graduate Committee and the Physics Department Head. This approval will ensure that the electives represent a coherent block of study of substantial relevance to Physics. The following limitations normally apply to Elective Courses which may be listed on the Graduate Program for the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Physics:

  1. No more than half of the Elective credits in the above Course Requirements may be at the 400 level in a student’s Graduate Program for any graduate degree in Physics. The remaining Elective credits must be at the 500 level.

  2. The Electives will include courses in Physics and minor or supporting fields. At least half of the elective credits must be in Physics.

  3. PHSX 461,PHSX 490R, PHSX 492, PHSX 494, PHSX 589, PHSX 590 ,PHSX 689, and PHSX 690 cannot be used as Electives in any Physics Graduate Program.

  4. PHSX 592 is allowed as an Elective to a maximum of 3 credits for an M.S. Program and 6 credits for a Ph.D. Program.

  5. No more than 2 credits of non-required seminar courses are applicable as Electives in any Physics Graduate Program.

Comprehensive Examination

The Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination has written and oral portions that are considered separate examinations, and each must be passed separately.

Details concerning the physics Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination and dates of exam can be found at