Agribusiness Management Concentration

Freshman YearCredits
ANSC 100 - Introduction to Animal Science3
ECNS 101IS - Economic Way of Thinking*3
ECNS 202 - Principles of Macroeconomics*3
WRIT 101W - College Writing I Students exempt from WRIT 101W are still required to fulfill nine credits of Communication related courses.3
BIOB 110CS - Introduction to Plant Biology3
Choose one of the following:4
CHMY 121IN - Introduction to General Chemistry
BIOB 160 - Principles of Living Systems
BIOB 170IN - Principles of Biological Diversity
M 161Q - Survey of Calculus
or M 171Q - Calculus I
AGED 140US - Leadership Dev For Agriculture
or COMX 111US - Introduction to Public Speaking
University Core and Electives4
Year Total: 30
Sophomore YearCredits
ECNS 204IS - Microeconomics*3
ECNS 309 - Managerial Economics3
AGBE 337 - Agricultural Law3
AGED 105 - Microcomputers in Agricultural3
ACTG 201 - Principles of Financial Acct3
ACTG 202 - Principles of Managerial Accounting3
STAT 216Q - Introduction to Statistics3
ENSC 245IN - Soils3
Choose one of the following:3
BMGT 205 - Prof Business Communication
WRIT 201 - College Writing II
WRIT 221 - Intermediate Tech Writing
University Core and Electives3
Year Total: 30
Junior and Senior YearCredits
AGBE 321 - Economics of Ag Marketing3
AGBE 345 - Ag Finance and Credit Analysis3
AGBE 451RS - Economics of Ag Policy3
ECNS 301 - Intermediate Micro with Calc3
ECNS 303 - Intermediate Macro with Calc3
ECNS 313 - Money and Banking3
AGBE 341 - Farm and Ranch Management3
Choose one of the following:3
AGBE 445 - Agribusiness Management**
AGBE 421 - Advanced Ag Marketing**
BMGT 335 - Management and Organization
BMIS 311 - Management Information Systems
BMKT 325 - Principles of Marketing
AGBE 421 - Advanced Ag Marketing
or AGBE 445 - Agribusiness Management
University Core and Electives33
Year Total: 60
Total Program Credits: 120

ECNS 251IS (Honors Economics, 4 credits) may be substituted for the 3 course sequence ECNS 101IS, ECNS 202, and ECNS 204IS.


Neither AGBE 445 nor AGBE 421 can be used to simultaneously satisfy the Major and Supporting Area Course requirements.

Electives Must Include

Social Sciences (excluding AGBE/ECNS)6
One additional course from Fine Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences (excluding AGBE/ECNS)3
These nine elective credits must be over and above University Core Requirements.

Graduation Requirements

Agricultural Business students must receive a grade of C or better in ECNS 101IS, ECNS 202, ECNS 204IS, ECNS 301, ECNS 303, and M 161Qor M 171Q (or their equivalents) to meet departmental graduation requirements. All other AGBE/ECNS and selective courses counting toward departmental graduation requirements must be graded C- or better.

Agricultural Business students seeking a second major in Economics must complete an additional 15 credits at the 300 level or above in AGBE/ECNS electives over and above all requirements for graduation with a major in Agricultural Business.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be numbered 300 or above.