Farm and Ranch Management Concentration

Freshman YearCredits
ECNS 101IS - Economic Way of Thinking*3
ECNS 202 - Principles of Macroeconomics*3
WRIT 101W - College Writing I Students exempt from WRIT 101W are still required to fulfill nine credits of Communication related courses.3
Choose three of the following:10-12
BIOB 110CS - Introduction to Plant Biology
BIOB 160 - Principles of Living Systems
BIOB 170IN - Principles of Biological Diversity
CHMY 121IN - Introduction to General Chemistry
CHMY 123 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHMY 141 - College Chemistry I
CHMY 143 - College Chemistry II
ENSC 245IN - Soils
Choose one of the following:4
M 161Q - Survey of Calculus
M 171Q - Calculus I
Choose one of the following:3
AGED 140US - Leadership Dev For Agriculture
COMX 111US - Introduction to Public Speaking (Formerly COM 110US)
University Core and Electives4
Year Total: 30-32
Sophomore YearCredits
ECNS 204IS - Microeconomics*3
ACTG 201 - Principles of Financial Acct3
ACTG 202 - Principles of Managerial Accounting3
Choose one of the following:3
AGED 105 - Microcomputers in Agricultural
BMIS 211 - Intro to Bus Decision Support
Choose one of the following:3
BIOB 318 - Biometry
STAT 216Q - Introduction to Statistics
Choose one of the following:3
BMGT 205 - Prof Business Communication
WRIT 201 - College Writing II
WRIT 221 - Intermediate Tech Writing
University Core and Electives9
Year Total: 27
Junior and Senior YearCredits
AGBE 321 - Economics of Ag Marketing3
AGBE 345 - Ag Finance and Credit Analysis3
AGBE 451RS - Economics of Ag Policy3
ECNS 301 - Intermediate Micro with Calc3
ECNS 303 - Intermediate Macro with Calc3
AGBE 341 - Farm and Ranch Management3
AGBE 337 - Agricultural Law3
ECNS 309 - Managerial Economics3
Choose one of the following:3
AGBE 421 - Advanced Ag Marketing
AGBE 445 - Agribusiness Management
Complete 9 credits or more from:9
AGSC 341 - Field Crop Prod
AGSC 342 - Forages
ANSC 100 - Introduction to Animal Science
ANSC 265 - Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals - Lecture
ANSC 320 - Animal Nutrition
BIOO 230 - Identification of Seed Plants
NRSM 101 - Natural Resource Conservation
NRSM 102 - Montana Range Plants
NRSM 240 - Natural Resource Ecology
University Core and Electives24
Year Total: 60
Total Program Credits: 120

ECNS 251IS Honors Economics (4 credits) may be substituted for the 3 course sequence ECNS 101IS, ECNS 202, and ECNS 204IS.

Electives Must Include

Social Sciences (excluding AGBE/ECNS)6
One additional course from Fine Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences (excluding AGBE/ECNS)3
These nine elective credits must be over and above University Core Requirements.

Graduation Requirements:

Agricultural Business students must receive a grade of C or better in ECNS 101IS, ECNS 202, ECNS 204IS, ECNS 301, ECNS 303, and M 161Q or M 171Q (or their equivalents) to meet departmental graduation requirements. All other selective courses counting toward departmental graduation requirements must be graded C- or better.

Agricultural Business students seeking a second major in Economics must complete an additional 15 credits at the 300 level or above in AGBE/ECNS electives over and above all requirements for graduation with a major in Agricultural Business.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be numbered 300 and above.