Social Studies Broadfield

Social Studies Broadfield Option

The Social Studies Broadfield program prepares students to be licensed to teach all middle and high school social science areas in the state of Montana. See the Teacher Education Program page for entrance requirements.

Secondary level endorsement will cover grades five through twelve for all applicants graduating from approved programs. Practicum and student teaching experiences are coordinated through the Office of Field Placement & Licensure

Sequencing Your Required Education Courses

Freshman YearCredits
HDFS 101IS - Indiv and Fam Dev: Lifespan3  
HSTR 102IH - Western Civilization II4  
EDU 101US - Teaching and Learning3  
W Core3  
Q Core3  
PSCI 210IS - Introduction to American Government  3
EDU 223IS - Educ Psych and Adolescent Dev  3
EDU 202 - Early Field Experience  1
GPHY 141D - Geography of World Regions
or GPHY 121D - Human Geography
or ANTY 101D - Anthropology and the Human Experience
or SOCI 101IS - Introduction to Sociology
or PSYX 100IS - Intro to Psychology
CS Core  3
HSTR 101IH - Western Civilization I  4
Year Total: 16 17-18
Sophomore YearCredits
HSTA 101IH - American History I4  
EDU 370 - Integrating Tech into Educ2  
PSCI 201 - Scope and Methods of Political Science3  
PSCI 230D - Introduction to International Relations3  
HSTR 130D - Latin American History
or HSTR 135D - The Modern Middle East
or HSTR 140D - Modern Asia
HSTA 102IH - American History II  4
EDU 211D - Multicultural Education  3
NASX 232D - MT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues  3
IA/RA Core  3
Social Science Upper Division Elect 300+  3
Year Total: 16 16
Junior YearCredits
EDU 382 - Assessmt, Curric, Instructn3  
IN/RN Core3  
HSTR/HSTA Upper Division Elect 300+3  
PSCI Upper Division Elect 300+3  
NASX Upper Division Elect 300+3  
HSRT/HSTA Upper Division Elect 300+3  
EDSP 306 - Exceptional Learners  3
HSTR/HSTA Upper Division Elect 300+  3
HSTR/HSTA Upper Division Elect 300+  3
PSCI Upper Division Elect 300+  3
PSCI Upper Division Elect 300+  3
Elective   1-3
Year Total: 18 16-18
Senior YearCredits
EDU 497 - Methods (5-12 Social Studies )3  
EDU 395 - Practicum1-3  
Social Science Upper Division Elect 300+3  
PSCI Upper Division Elect 300+3  
HSTR/HSTA Upper Division Elect 300+3  
EDU 495R - Student Teaching  5-16
EDU 408 - Professional Issues: K-12  2
Year Total: 13-15 7-18
Total Program Credits: 119-135

A minimum of 128 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.

Note: While we recommend this sequence, there will be some variance, especially between courses taken by the end of the junior year and first-semester senior year.