Secondary Education (Grades 5-12 and K-12)

The Department of Education offers teacher education programs for students seeking teaching careers in specific subject areas for grades five through twelve. General Science Broadfield, Social Studies Broadfield, and Technology Education Broadfield are three degrees which are totally administered and housed within the Department of Education. Several other programs are administered inter-departmentally such as English, history, and health enhancement. Students in these programs will enroll in the departments offering the teaching options in their chosen areas (see below).

In addition to its secondary programs, the Department of Education provides foundation coursework which is valuable to teachers at all levels in such areas as history and philosophy of education, multicultural education, educational psychology, assessment, curriculum, instructional technology, and exceptionality.

Teaching minors, that is, preparation for a second teaching field in addition to the major field, are offered by many departments. All teaching minors must be linked to a teaching major. Graduate degree programs are available for secondary teachers who are already licensed (see The Graduate School).

All students in secondary education programs must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program at the beginning of the semester prior to taking their methods course(s) in their major(s) and minor(s). Application to the Secondary Education program should be turned into the Education Advising Center, Reid Hall 132.

Major in Secondary Education

Students enroll/major in the Department of Education.

Major in Technology Education

Subject Area Majors with Teaching Options

Students enroll/major in the appropriate departments outside of the Department of Education. See the Teacher Education Program page for entrance requirements.

Teaching Minors

A number of teaching minors are available for students majoring in Secondary Education or Elementary Education.