B.S. in Computer Engineering

Freshman YearCredits
M 171Q - Calculus I4  
EELE 101 - Intro Electrical Fundamentals3  
CLS 101US - Knowledge and Community
or COMX 111US - Introduction to Public Speaking
CSCI 127 - Joy and Beauty of Data4  
M 172Q - Calculus II  4
PHSX 220 - Physics I (w/ calculus)  4
CSCI 112 - Programming with C I  3
CSCI 132 - Basic Data Structures and Algorithms  4
Year Total: 14 15
Sophomore YearCredits
M 274 - Introduction to Differential Equation4  
PHSX 222 - Physics II (w/ calculus)4  
EELE 201 - Circuits I for Engineering4  
EELE 261 - Intro To Logic Circuits4  
University Core Elective*  3
WRIT 101W - College Writing I  3
M 273Q - Multivariable Calculus  4
EGEN 350 - Applied Engineering Data Analysis  2
EELE 203 - Circuits II for Engineering  4
Year Total: 16 16
Junior YearCredits
University Core Elective*3  
EELE 371 - Microprocess HW and SW Systems4  
EELE 308 - Signals and Systems Analysis3  
EELE 317 - Electronics4  
CSCI 246 - Discrete Structures3  
EGEN 310R - Multidisciplinary Engineering Design  3
EELE 465 - Microcontroller Applications  4
EELE 367 - Logic Design  4
Choose one of the following:  3-4
EELE 321 - Intro To Feedback Controls
EELE 477 - Digital Signal Processing
Year Total: 17 15
Senior YearCredits
University Core Elective*3  
EELE 334 - Electromagnetic Theory I3  
EELE 467 - SoC FPGAs I : Hardware-Software Codesign4  
EELE 488R - Electric Engineering Design I2  
Two EELE/CSCI Electives*6  
University Core Elective*  3
EELE 468 - SoC FPGAs II: Application Specific Computing  4
EELE 489R - Electrical Engr Design II  3
EELE 487 - Prof, Ethics & Engr Practices  1
EGEN 488 - Fundamentals of Engineering Exam  0
Two EELE/CSCI Electives*  5
Year Total: 18 16
Total Program Credits: 126

Elective requirements include 12 credits of humanities, social science, diversity, and arts classes as part of the University Core requirements, 11 credits of approved professional electives from the list below, including a minimum of  6 credits in Computer Science. There must be a minimum of  4 credits at the 300 level or above in the student's professional elective package.

Professional Electives

ACTG 201Principles of Financial Acct3
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3
ASTR 371Fundamentals of Astronomy4
ASTR 373Observational Astronomy4
BCH 380Biochemistry5
BIOB 105CSIntroduction to Biotechnology3
BIOB 160Principles of Living Systems4
BIOB 170INPrinciples of Biological Diversity4
BIOB 260Cellular and Molecular Biology4
BIOH 185Integrated Physiology I4
BIOH 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I5
BIOH 211Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOM 103INUnseen Universe: Microbes3
BMKT 325Principles of Marketing3
CHMY 141College Chemistry I4
CHMY 143College Chemistry II4
CHMY 211Elements of Organic Chemistry5
CHMY 321Organic Chemistry I4
CHMY 323Organic Chemistry II4
CS 204Multimedia Dev Methods3
CSCI 232Data Structures and Algorithms4
CSCI 300 & 400 level courses (no more than 1 cr CSCI 494)
ECNS 309Managerial Economics3
EELE 300 & 400 level courses, excluding EELE 3543
EGEN 201Engineering Mechanics--Statics3
EGEN 202Engineering Mechanics -- Dynamics3
EGEN 205Mechanics of Materials3
EGEN 325Engineering Economic Analysis3
EGEN 330Business Fundamentals for Technical Professionals3
EGEN 335Fluid Mechanics3
EIND 354Engineering Probability and Statistics I3
EIND 364Principles of Operations Research I3
EIND 373Production Inventory Cost Analysis3
EIND 425Technology Entrepreneurship3
EIND 434Project Management for Engineers3
EIND 454Engr Probability and Stats II3
EMEC 300 & 400 level courses3
ERTH 101INEarth System Sciences4
ESOF 322Software Engineering3
ESOF 422Advanced Software Engineering3
GPHY 121DHuman Geography3
GPHY 141DGeography of World Regions3
GPHY 284Intro to GIS Science & Cartog3
M 221Introduction to Linear Algebra3
M 242Methods of Proof3
M 300 & 400 level courses, excluding M 330
PHSX 224Physics III4
PHSX 300 & 400 level courses (no more than 1 cr PHSX 494), excluding PHSX 305 and 499
WRIT 221Intermediate Tech Writing3
WRIT 429Professional Writing3