Master of Engineering in Bioengineering

General Requirements

  • 30 credits total
  • At least 21 of the total credits required for degree must be at 5xx level
  • 3xx level courses are not allowed
  • 4xx level courses may be used
  • Courses with grades below C- cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements
  • Three credits (min.) registration required during term of graduation
  • Max of 6 credits of individual problems courses (592)

Course Requirements

The following courses are required for each ME student:
ECHM 594Seminar (can be taken twice)1
ECHM 533Transport Phenomena3
Plus, a course in each of the following areas:
Reaction Engineering
EBIO 566Fundamentals of Biofilm Engr3
or ECHM 510 Reaction Engineering/Modeling
Advanced Mathematics
EGEN 505Advanced Engineering Analysis3
or EGEN 506 Numerical Sol to Engr Problems
Course in Environmental Engineering Processes
EENV 562Water Treatment Process/Design3
or EENV 563 Wastewater Treat Proc/Design