Sustainable Crop Production Option

Freshman YearCredits
SFBS 146 - Introduction to Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems3
BIOB 170IN - Principles of Biological Diversity4
ECNS 101IS - Economic Way of Thinking3
Choose one of the following:3
BIOB 110CS - Plant Science
BIOO 220 - General Botany
ENSC 110 - Land Resources and Environmental Sciences3
ENSC 245IN - Soils3
Select one of the following:4
CHMY 121IN - Introduction to General Chemistry
& CHMY 122IN - Introduction to General Chemistry Lab
CHMY 141 - College Chemistry I
& CHMY 142 - College Chemistry I Lab
Select one of the following:3
M 105Q - Contemporary Mathematics
M 121Q - College Algebra
Any US Core and Electives4
Year Total: 30
Sophomore YearCredits
NUTR 221CS - Basic Human Nutrition3
AGSC 341 - Field Crop Production3
BIOM 103IN - Unseen Universe: Microbes3
ANSC 222 - Livestock in Sustain Systems3
ECHM 205CS - Energy and Sustainability3
Select one of the following:3
SFBS 296 - Practicum: Towne's Harvest
SFBS 298 - Internship
Select one of the following:3
NASX 232D - MT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues
PSCI 230D - Introduction to International Relations
Select one of the following:3
BIOB 318 - Biometry
STAT 216Q - Introduction to Statistics
Select one of the following:3
AGBE 210IS - Economics of Ag Business
ECNS 204IS - Microeconomics
Year Total: 30
Junior YearCredits
HORT 337 - Vegetable Production3
SFBS 327 - Ethnobotany3
BIOE 370 - General Ecology 3
Directed Elective3
NUTR 351 - Nutrition and Society3
AGSC 428 - Cropping Systems and Sustainable Agriculture3
Upper Division Directed Electives12
Year Total: 30
Senior YearCredits
AGSC 356 - Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Management3
SFBS 466 - Food System Resilience3
SFBS 498 - Internship2-12
SFBS 499 - Senior Thesis/Capstone3
Select one of the following:3
SFBS 451R - Sustainable Food Systems
SFBS 445R - Culinary Marketing: Farm/Table
Select one of the following:3
SFBS 429 - Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Food and Health
BMGT 469 - Community Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit Management
Upper Division Directed Electives9
Year Total: 30
Total Program Credits: 120

Directed Electives

Each student shall work closely with their faculty advisor to plan an integrated set of directed elective courses appropriate to their academic, professional and personal goals. Courses not on this list may be used IF considered appropriate to the student's goals AND approved by the faculty advisor as a curricular exception.
Take 24 credits of the following:
AGBE 315Ag in a Global Context3
AGSC 342Forages3
AGSC 401Integrated Pest Management3
AGSC 441Plant Breeding & Genetics3
AGSC 450Plant Disease Control3
BIOM 421Concepts of Plant Pathology3
ENSC 443Weed Ecology and Management3
HORT 245Plant Propagation3
HORT 345Market Gardening3
HSTA 409Food in America3
NASX 415Native Food Systems3
NUTR 301Food and Culture3
NUTR 322Food Service System Management3
NUTR 395Pract: Quantity Foods Production and Management3
NUTR 435Experimental Foods3
NUTR 491Special Topics3
NUTR 496Practicum Food Product Development3
NRSM 421Holistic Thought/Mgmt4
SFBS 346Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems Summer Field Course1
SFBS 492Independent Study3

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation, 42 of which must be numbered 300 and above.