Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Entrepreneurship Certificate provides non-business majors with an overview of the business startup process in order to prepare them to start their own businesses or non-profit organizations. It is not available to business majors or to students pursuing an Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management minor.

Students completing the Entrepreneurship Certificate will be able to:

1.    Demonstrate understanding of the business startup process

2.    Apply fundamental concepts in accounting, finance, management and marketing to solve startup related problems

3.    Create a business model for a new business venture

The Entrepreneurship Certificate consists of three required courses and two electives for a total of 15 credits. In accordance with the Board of Regents' policy, students must earn a C- or better in all courses in a minor or certificate.

Year 1 and 2Credits
BGEN 104US - Business & Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Seminar
or BGEN 204 - Business & Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
BGEN 210 - Accounting and Finance Basics
or BFIN 322 - Business Finance
or EGEN 330 - Business Fundamentals for Technical Professionals
or EGEN 325 - Engineering Economic Analysis
or ECNS 345 - Econ Org, Finance & Credit
or AGBE 345 - Agriculture Finance and Credit Analysis
Year Total: 6
Year 3 and 4Credits
BMGT 448 - Entrepreneurship3
Choose two courses from the following list (or another course approved by the Entrepreneurship Advisor):6
BMGT 461 - Small Business Management
BMGT 469 - Community Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit Management
BMKT 420 - Integrated Online Marketing
BMKT 436 - Sales and Sales Management
BMKT 446 - Marketing for Entrepreneurs
BFIN 456 - Entrepreneurial Finance
EIND 425 - Technology Entrepreneurship
SFBS 429 - Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Food and Health
Courses other than BMGT courses have prerequisites in addition to those required for the Entrepreneurship Certificate. Students are responsbile for fulfilling all prerequisites before attempting to enroll in a course.
Students may not earn both the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management minor and the Entrepreneurship certificate.
Year Total: 9
Total Program Credits: 15