French K-12 Minor

A student must receive a grade of C or better in all the courses required for this minor and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Freshman YearCredits
FRCH 101 - Elementary French I3
FRCH 102D - Elementary French II3
Year Total: 6
Sophomore YearCredits
FRCH 201D - Intermediate French I3
FRCH 202D - Intermediate French II3
Year Total: 6
Junior and Senior YearCredits
FRCH 301 - French Oral and Written Expression3
Take 3 additional FRCH courses9
EDM 410 - Methods: K-12 Modern Language4
Achieve Intermediate High on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview.
Year Total: 16
Total Program Credits: 28

1. Prior to approval for student teaching placement, students are required to achieve Intermediate High on the ACTFL proficiency scale as determined through an official Oral Proficiency Interview administered by Language Testing International. Student teaching is also required for certification. It is not listed here because it forms part of the major program.