Developmental Education

The Developmental Education program offers individual courses that prepare students for college-level work in math, writing, and college studies.  High quality instruction, small class sizes, and out-of-class support are hallmarks of the Developmental Education program.

Credit from developmental coursework (below 100-level) does not count as college-level credit and does not meet graduation credit requirements for diploma or degree programs. Grade points earned in this course are not included in a student’s grade point average calculation. Developmental courses may be used to determine financial aid eligibility. 

Courses taught include:

COLS 100Effective Academic Practices3
COLS 101USFirst Year Seminar3
COLS 103College Learning Strategies1
WRIT 080Building Basic Writing Skills4
WRIT 001Co-Req Support for WRIT 101W2
M 088Mathematical Literacy4
M 005Co-Req Support for M 105Q1
M 063Foundations of Mathematics1
M 090Introductory Algebra4
M 021Co-Requisite Support for M121Q College Algebra2