Certificate in Science Climate for Educators

Teachers in the Climate Science Teaching Certificate will choose courses from the list below.  Full course descriptions can be found at the NTEN http://eu.montana.edu/NTEN and MSSE http://www.montana.edu/msse/ websites.

Certificate in Climate Science Teaching (12 credits)

BIOE 595: Ecology and conservation of the World's Marine Ecosystems - An Online Course for Teachers

CHMY 595: Chemistry of the Environment: Water, Air, and Earth - An Online Course for Teachers

ECIV 562: Snow and Avalanche Physics for Teachers

ERTH 520: Fundamentals of Oceanography

ERTH 522: Teaching Middle School Earth System Science

ERTH 524: K-14 Earth System Science

ERTH 527: Weather and Climate for Teachers

ERTH 528: Understanding Climate Change

ERTH 591: Elementary Weather

ERTH 591: Plant and Animal Response to a Changing Climate

MB 540: Environmental Microbiology for Teachers.

PHSX 591: Physics of Renewable Energy for Teachers