Equine Science Option

Freshman YearCredits
NRSM 101 - Natural Resource Conservation3  
NRSM 102 - Montana Range Plants1  
CHMY 121IN - Introduction to General Chemistry4  
AGED 140US - Leadership Dev For Agriculture
or COMX 111US - Introduction to Public Speaking
ANSC 100 - Introduction to Animal Science  3
BIOB 160 - Principles of Living Systems  4
ECNS 101IS - Economic Way of Thinking  3
Applied Courses  2
University Core and Electives  3
Year Total: 14 15
Sophomore YearCredits
ANSC 202 - Livestock Feeding3  
BIOB 318 - Biometry
or STAT 216Q - Introduction to Statistics
EQUS 206 - Equine Ethology: Understanding Horse Behavior3  
NRSM 240 - Natural Resource Ecology3  
Applied Courses2  
University Core and Electives2  
ANSC 222 - Livestock in Sustain Systems  3
ANSC 265 - Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals - Lecture  3
ANSC 266 - Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals - Lab  1
NRSM 236 - Small Pasture Management  1
CHMY 123 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry  4
BMGT 205 - Prof Business Communication
or WRIT 221 - Intermediate Tech Writing
Year Total: 16 15
Junior YearCredits
ANSC 320 - Animal Nutrition3  
ANSC 321 - Physiology of Animal Reproduction4  
ANSC 498 - Internship3  
Applied Courses2  
Econ and Business Electives3  
AGBE 210IS - Economics of Ag Business  3
ANSC 322 - Principles of Animal Breeding and Genetics  3
ANSC 337 - Disease of Domestic Livestock  3
EQUS 347 - Equine Form to Function  3
Econ and Business Electives  3
Year Total: 15 15
Senior YearCredits
Econ and Business Elective3  
Equine Science Elective3  
Mgmt & Industry Electives4  
Electives  7
Equine Science Elective  3
Mgmt & Industry Electives  5
Year Total: 15 15
Total Program Credits: 120

Applied Courses

Select 6 credits
EQUH 110Western Equitation2
EQUH 114Beginning English Equitation2
EQUH 133Horses: Ground Level2
EQUH 207Intermed English Equitation2
EQUH 210Intermed Western Equitation2
EQUH 253Starting Colts2
EQUH 256Developing The Young Horse2
EQUH 314Equestrian Instruction Methods2
EQUS 233Horse Science and Mgt Lab2
NRSM 235Range and Pasture Monitoring1

Equine Science Electives

Take 2 courses
ANSC 410Veterinary Entomology and Parasitology3
EQUS 327Equine Lameness3
EQUS 346Equine Reproductive Management4
EQUS 424Equine Exercise Physiology3

Econ & Business Electives

Select 9 credits
ACTG 201Principles of Financial Acct3
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3
ACTG 220Survey of Accounting3
AGBE 321Economics of Ag Marketing3
AGBE 337Agricultural Law3
AGBE 341Farm and Ranch Management3
AGBE 345Ag Finance and Credit Analysis3
AGBE 353Co-operative Business Principles and Practice3
BGEN 204Business & Entrepreneurship Fundamentals3
BGEN 242DIntro to Int'l Business3
BGEN 361Principles of Business Law3
BMGT 335Management and Organization3
BMKT 325Principles of Marketing3
BMKT 337Consumer Behavior3
BMKT 436Sales and Sales Management3

Management & Industry Electives

Select 9 credits
AGSC 341Field Crop Prod3
AGSC 342Forages3
ANSC 215Calving Management2
ANSC 232Livestock Management - Sheep I1
ANSC 234Livestock Management - Beef I1
ANSC 418Topics in Beef Nutrition2
or EQUS 423 Equine Nutrition
ANSC 432RSheep Management3
ANSC 434RBeef Cattle Management4
ANSC 436Professional Development in Beef Production Systems2
ANSC 437Professional Development in Beef Feedlot Systems2
BIOM 405Host-Associated Microbiomes3
ENSC 245INSoils3
EQUS 430Horse Management4
NRSM 353Grazing Ecology and Management3
NRSM 453Habitat Inventory and Analysis3
NRSM 455Riparian Ecology & Management3

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above. University core requirements must be completed.