International Business Minor

The International Business minor is open to all business and non-business students. The objectives of the International Business minor are:

  • To provide students a broad-based interdisciplinary educational experience that will enable students to succeed in a culturally diverse global business environment
  • To enable students to acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary for a career in international business
  • To provide students a flexible yet rigorous program that suits each student's own individual needs and interests

Foreign language study is not required to obtain the International Business minor but is strongly recommended. As many as 11 credits of language study may be applied toward the minor as electives. The required 17 credits of electives, as listed below, must come from at least three different disciplines, e.g., language, geography, history, political science, religious studies, business, etc. When completing the International Business minor, a study abroad experience is highly recommended. In addition, going on an exchange, doing an internship with an international context, and doing an independent study that allows the student to incorporate the various international courses he or she has taken in one research project, are all strongly recommended. Students completing the International Business minor will complete the following courses, and are responsible for fulfilling the appropriate prerequisites for all courses:

Take one of the following four courses3
Economic Way of Thinking
Principles of Macroeconomics
Honors Economics
BGEN 210Accounting & Finance Basics3
BGEN 242DIntro to Int'l Business3
Take two of the following three courses:6
Principles of Marketing
Management and Organization
Business Finance
Take two of the following three courses:6
International Marketing
International Management
International Finance
General Electives *9
Total Credits30

General electives must revolve around a singular geographic or subject focus.  These electives are selected in consultation with the JJCBE International Business minor advisor from an approved list of lower- and upper-division elective courses, which can include up to nine credits of language study. The list is available on the College website, in the Bracken Center (Jabs Hall Room 108), or in the Office of Student Services (Jabs Hall Room 124).