Engineering Management Minor

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department within the College of Engineering offers a nonteaching minor in Engineering Management. The field of Engineering Management is focused on the managerial, financial and systems level aspects of engineering problem solving. Students are required to complete 21 credits for the minor by taking a core group of four courses and selecting an additional three elective courses. Students completing the minor will find themselves better prepared to successfully work in a technical leadership capacity.The Engineering Management minor is not available to Industrial & Management Systems Engineering majors. Students earn the minor by completing the following courses:

Required Pre-Requisite Courses
One of the following:3
Applied Engineering Data Analysis
Engineering Probability and Statistics I
One of the following:3
Calculus for Technology II
Calculus II
Recommended Core Elective Courses
One or more of the following:
Intro to Int'l Business
Intro to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Required Courses
EGEN 325Engineering Economic Analysis3
EIND 300Engineering Management & Ethics3
EIND 373Production Inventory Cost Analysis3
EIND 434Project Management for Engineers3
Technical Problem Solving Elective
Choose One:3
DOE for Engineers
Regres & Multivar Analysis
Production & Engineering Mgmt
Quality Management Systems
Managerial Problem Solving Elective Courses
Choose Two:6
Principles of Business Law
Human Resource Management
Negotiation/Dispute Resolution
Leadership and Motivation
International Management
Managerial Economics
Technology Entrepreneurship
Social Psychology
Indust & Organiz Psych
Judgment & Decision Making
Sociology of Organizations
Sociology of Globalization