Family and Consumer Sciences Education Certificate

The Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Graduate Certificate program serves licensed teachers seeking added endorsement in FCS education. The program prepares educators with content knowledge in topics related to nutrition, culinary skills, textiles/design, family and human development, and personal and family finance. Students develop the skills to teach these content areas in grades 5-12 educational settings through FCS curriculum design and methods coursework.

Again, most of the courses are offered in the summer (12 credits summer; 3 credits fall; 3 credits spring). We plan to offer the courses more regularly as student enrollment increases in both the MS degree and the proposed FCS certificate program (the courses will serve both options).

HDFS 545 Contemporary Family Issues (3 Credits)

  • Offered Even Spring Semesters

EDM 412 FCS Methods (3 Credits)

  • Next Offering: Summer 2022

HDFS 550: Critical Science and FCS Curriculum Development (3 Credits)

  • Next Offering: Summer 2024
  • We are concurrently proposing a graduate level class to meet the rule of only 1/3 of courses being 400 level in graduate certificate. We traditionally offer HDFS 450 in the summer but will instead offer HDFS 550 (if approved). Thus, this does not increase courses or change workload (not changing resource needs). We have elevated the expectations and revised the course to be a graduate level offering.

HDFS 419: STEAM: Clothing and Textiles (3 Credits)

  • Next Offering Summer 2023

HDFS 591: Family Finance Teaching & Outreach (3 Credits)

  • Next Offering Summer 2023

HDFS 591: Nutrition & Culinary Instruction in FCS (3 Credits)

  • Offered Even Fall Semesters

Total Credits: 18