Film Option

The School of Film and Photography (SFP) prepares students to meet the challenges of a rapidly expanding media environment as creative artists and critical thinkers. Our students develop their own voices as tomorrow's leaders through intensive hands-on exploration of film, photography, and related media.

The School of Film and Photography offers a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) with concentrations (options) in Film or Photography, plus a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Integrated Lens-Based Media. 

The BA and BFA degree options share a common foundation dedicated to the relationships between film and photography. This integrated foundation permits students to take courses in Film or Photography while they complete the requirements of the option they have selected as their concentration. Students who pursue the BFA will be able to design their own curricular path in consultation with their advisor. 

After the completion of a successful freshman year of introductory courses in media production, analysis, and history, students will continue to develop advanced skills and knowledge of photography and/or filmmaking over the next the three years.

Both degree options provide flexibility for students who want to broaden their education with course work outside of the School of Film and Photography. All students are encouraged to study abroad, minor in another area of interest, and even double major.

Students who select the Film Option will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of motion picture production, starting in the freshman year and culminating in a senior thesis film project. Students have the ability to explore areas of particular interest in directing, editing, cinematography, sound design, production management, scriptwriting, etc. At the same time, students study film history and film theory to broaden their understanding of film as a highly developed medium of artistic expression and commercial entertainment industry. While we do provide classes that apply to the film profession, we place more importance on providing a broad education to prepare students for a wide range of future opportunities not confined to an industry.

Film Option Curriculum

Freshman YearCredits
FILM 101IH - Understanding Film and Media3  
FILM 112 - Aesthetics of Film Production I3  
PHOT 113RA - The Magic of the Darkroom I*3  
US 101US - First Year Seminar*3  
University Core or Electives3  
WRIT 101W - College Writing I*  3
University Core and Electives  12
Year Total: 15 15
Sophomore YearCredits
FILM 212 - Aesthetics Film Production II4  
FILM 254 - Acting for Film3  
FILM 201D - Film History I: Origins to the 1960s3  
University Core and Electives5  
FILM 251 - Scriptwriting  3
FILM 202D - Film History II: 1960s to the Present  3
University Core and Electives  9
Year Total: 15 15
Junior YearCredits
Choose one of the following Production Electives:4  
FILM 372 - Fiction Film Production
FILM 373 - Experimental Film Production
Film Studies Elective3  
SFP Elective**3  
University Core and Electives5  
Choose one of the following Production Electives:  4
FILM 304 - Live Production and Camera
FILM 371 - Non-Fiction Film Production
Film Studies Elective  3
SFP Elective**  3
University Core and Elective  5
Year Total: 15 15
Senior YearCredits
SFP Elective**3  
Non-SFP Elective***9  
University Core and Electives3  
FILM 499 - Senior Production****  5
SFP Elective**  3
University Core and Electives  7
Year Total: 15 15
Total Program Credits: 120

*WRIT 101W and US Core must be taken Freshman Year but can be taken either semester. Film majors can also take PHOT 113RA either semester but if FILM 101IH, FILM 112, and PHOT 113RA are all completed fall semester it is possible to take the sophomore FILM 212 class in the spring.

**Any additional 100-400 level PHOT or FILM studies and production courses, including independent studies, undergraduate research, internships, overseas photo and film classes, 291/491 special topics, 295/395 work study credits, or a second Senior Production.

*** Any courses offered outside SFP that are not already fulfilling CORE requirements

**** Entry into Senior Capstone requires senior standing in FILM, an accepted proposal, and completion of the Junior Production Requirement. If pursing a role as Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer, Production Designer or Lighting Designer, please take the corresponding 300-level production elective prior to FILM 499. FILM 499 can be taken fall or spring semester, and can be taken twice. A second senior capstone counts as SFP elective credits.

Film Studies Electives

ARTH 391Special Topics1-4
FILM 381Studies in Film3
FILM 481Advanced Studies in Film3
GRMN 422IHGerman Text & Cinema3
JPNS 361IHJapanese Text and Cinema3
LS 451Film, Photos, and Culture: A Global Perspective3
NASX 360IHNative Americans and Cinema3
PHL 328Philosophy and Film3
PHOT 301Photography: Global Histories and Perspectives3
PHOT 401Contemporary Issues in Photography3
PSYX 263CSThe Psychology of Film3
SPNS 352IHU.S. Latino Text & Cinema3

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation, 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above.