Computer Engineering Minor (Non-Teaching Minor)

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a non-teaching minor in Computer Engineering that provides a focus in computer programming, digital logic design, and microprocessor hardware/software. The minor requires a minimum of 30 credits: 23 credits in seven specified CS and EE courses and at least 7 credits (2 or 3 courses) of electives selected from among a specified list of upper-division EE courses. This minor is a useful complement to majors in science or engineering for those seeking a cross-disciplinary academic program.An EE major can complete a minor in Computer Engineering by taking CSCI 127, CSCI 132, and CSCI 232 (a total of 12 credits) plus two courses (7 cr min) from the specified elective list for the CpE minor. Completing the Computer Engineering minor requires 3 credits of professional electives beyond the minimum of 18 professional elective credits required for EE majors. Thus, an EE degree with a CpE minor can be completed in 128 credits.

CSCI 127Joy and Beauty of Data4
CSCI 112Programming with C I3
CSCI 132Basic Data Structures and Algorithms4
CSCI 232Data Structures and Algorithms4
EELE 261Intro To Logic Circuits4
EELE 371Microprocess HW and SW Systems4
Choose seven credits minimum from the following:7
Logic Design
Microcontroller Applications
SoC FPGAs I : Hardware-Software Codesign
SoC FPGAs II: Application Specific Computing
Total Credits30

Students must receive a grade of "C-" or better in all required courses for the CpE minor.