Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

The mission of the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department is to serve the State of Montana, the region, and the nation by providing outstanding leadership and contributions in knowledge discovery, student learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, and service to community and profession. Our vision is to be a leader in discovery, learning, innovation, and service through focus on core competencies, multidisciplinary collaborations, and investment in the Departmental community. The Department is particularly focused on excellence in the following areas: design and manufacturing, energy systems, materials and structures, measurement systems, biomechanics, human factors, and systems modeling.

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department provides undergraduate programs leading to BS degrees in Financial Engineering, Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Technology. The Department provides graduate programs leading to MS degrees in Industrial & Management Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, as well as a course-work only Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. The Department participates in an inter-disciplinary doctoral program leading to the Ph.D. in Engineering with an option in Industrial & Management Systems Engineering or Engineering Mechanics. The Department also provides graduate programs leading to Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Material Science.  Further information on all of these programs may be found at

Curricula in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Grade Policies

The Montana Board of Regents (BOR) grade policy requires C- or higher marks in all courses required for a degree. This policy affects students who entered or were readmitted to the system starting in Fall 2005. Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2005, and have not had a break in attendance of one year or more, are exempt from the Board of Regents C- policy. The complete policy is presented in the on-line catalog in the Curriculum, Enrollment, and Graduation section.

Prerequisite Policy

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department enforces prerequisites. A prerequisite course is one which must be successfully completed before a student may enroll in the follow-on course. By Board of Regents policy, in order for a course to serve as a prerequisite, a grade of C- or higher must be earned. M&IE students who earn below a C- in a course will be instructed to repeat the course during its next offering. They will also be instructed to drop any follow-on course that is affected by the unsatisfactory prerequisite grade.