Materials Minor

Montana State University, Bozeman, offers a non-teaching minor in Materials Science & Engineering called the Minor in Materials. This minor provides courses from a variety of disciplines which are relevant to synergies of science and engineering in polymer, metallic, ceramic, hybrid, and composite materials for both structural and functional application. The minor requires a minimum of 32 credits comprised of 14 credits of required coursework (or equivalent) followed by 18 credits of elective coursework. EMAT 350 Engineering Materials is the cornerstone, foundational course for the Minor in Materials and is a required core class.
Students seeking the Minor in Materials must satisfy the core and additional course requirements, 32 credits total, as outlined below:

Required Pre-requisite Courses
(credits not counted towards minor):
Calculus I
Calculus II
Physics I with Calculus
Physics II with Calculus
College Chemistry I
Required Courses
(or equivalent courses as approved by the certifying officer):
EMEC 250Mechanical Engineering Materials3
EMAT 252Materials Struct and Prop Lab1
EMAT 350Engineering Materials3
EMEC 320Thermodynamics I3
ETME 215Manufacturing Processes3
ETME 216Manufacturing Process Laboratory1
These pre-requisite courses and required courses represent the core fundamentals of materials science and engineering which are applicable to students in the College of Engineering in addition to Physics and Chemistry. Students pursuing a BS in Engineering or the Physical Sciences will have to take 18 additional course credits (6 courses) out of the list below to obtain a Minor in Materials which may also serve as electives in the student's major. Other courses may also be approved by the certifying officer with a written request detailing the merit of the course.
Additional Courses
Choose six from the following:18
Physical Chemistry-Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy I
Physical Chemistry - Kinetics and Thermodynamics
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Sustainable Energy
Transport Analysis
Advanced Engineering Materials
Polymeric Materials
Friction and Wear of Materials
Manufacturing of Composites
Composite Materials
Biomedical Materials Engineering
Failure of Materials
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Composite Materials
Mech Behavior of Materials
Bio-inspired Engineering
Micro-Electromechanical Systems
Smart Structures
Solid State Physics *
Total Credits32