Mechatronics Minor


The College of Engineering offers a non-teaching minor in Mechatronics. The field of Mechatronics combines the principles of mechanical engineering with the principles of electronic instrumentation and computerized control. Mechatronics exploits the synergy of mechanical and electrical engineering to design unique and innovative electromechanical products, machines, robots, tools, and manufacturing processes.

The minor requires a minimum of 29 credits in specified subject areas: computer science, engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, and electrical and computer engineering (see tables below).

Core Subject Areas

Courses listed for each subject area must be completed to earn the Mechatronics Minor.

EGEN 365Introduction to Mechatronics3
Logic Circuits
EELE 261Intro To Logic Circuits4
Computer Programming
CSCI 109C for Engineers and Scientists3-4
or CSCI 127 Joy and Beauty of Data
EELE 321Introduction To Feedback Controls3
or EMEC 462 System Dynamics and Control
or ETME 462 Industrial Processing Automation and Controls
EELE 317Electronics4
or EELE 250 Circuits, Devices and Motors
EGEN 201Engineering Mechanics-Statics3
or EGEN 203 Applied Mechanics
EGEN 202Engineering Mechanics -- Dynamics3
or ETME 340 Mechanisms
EGEN 205Mechanics of Materials3
or EGEN 208 Applied Strength of Materials
EELE 371Microprocess HW and SW Systems3-4
or CSCI 455 Embedded Systems: Robotics
Total credits for Mechatronics Minor29 (minimum)

Students must receive a grade of "C-" or better in all required courses for the Mechatronics Minor.