Board of Public Education/OPI Internship

The Board of Public Education/Office of Public Instruction BPE/OPI Internship is designed for candidates who do not possess licensure as a K-12 Principal or Superintendent and who have been hired into a school leadership position requiring principal or superintendent licensure. The BPE/OPI Internship allows the candidate to gain a Class V (provisional) license to properly hold a school leadership position while completing coursework to earn full licensure. To be eligible, a candidate must be already hired into a school leadership position, and must sign an agreement between their school board trustees and MSU's Educational Leadership Program.  The agreement stipulates that MSU will supervise the candidate while he/she finishes coursework toward full licensure. There is an extra fee that the candidate or district pays to MSU for the supervision.

Educational Leadership Faculty

Dr. Tena Versland, Program Leader
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Dr. Bill Ruff
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Dr. David Henderson
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Contact Information

Micki MacGregor, Graduate Program Assistant
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Department of Education, Montana State University
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