Out of State School Administrative License

Out-of-State School Administrators Seeking Administrative Licensure in Montana

Principal Endorsement

Educators with less than five years experience, who have completed their principal preparation coursework in other states and are seeking Administrative Licensure with a Principal Endorsement in Montana must complete a course in Montana School Law. An additional recommendation is that principals be licensed K-12 in Montana, and completion of EDLD 565 Instructional Leadership is required to do so. The following courses are recommended for K-12 MT Licensure:

EDLD 565K-12 Instructional Leadership3
EDLD 655MT Legal & Policy Studies3
EDLD 532School Law3

Although EDLD 532 Montana School Law or EDLD 655 Montana Legal and Policy Studies will meet this requirement, the recommended course is EDLD 655 Montana Legal and Policy Studies. EDLD 655 delves more substantively into Montana case law without duplicating the U.S. Constitutional Law content present in most school law courses offered in principal preparation programs.

School Superintendent Endorsement

Educators who have completed their School Superintendent preparation coursework and licensure in other states and are seeking Administrative Licensure with a School Superintendent Endorsement in Montana must complete both a course in Montana School Law and a course in Montana School Finance. The following courses are required and are typically offered every summer:

EDLD 655MT Legal & Policy Studies3
EDLD 650MT Finance & Facilities3
EDLD 645Personnel and Collective Bargaining in MT3

How to Apply

Contact the Educational Leadership faculty to discuss requirements for licensure.

Complete the Graduate School application available online at the Graduate School website.

Educational Leadership Faculty

Dr. Tena Versland, Program Leader
406-994-6799 Email: tena.versland@montana.edu

Dr. Bill Ruff
406-994-4182 Email: wruff@montana.edu

Dr. David Henderson
406-994-6424 Email: david.henderson3@montana.edu

Contact Information

Micki MacGregor, Graduate Program Assistant
PO Box 172880. Reid Hall 215
Department of Education, Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880 
Phone: 406-994-6786 Email: edgrad@montana.edu