Art History Minor (Non-Teaching)

ARTH 200IAArt of World Civilization I4
ARTH 201IAArt of World Civilization II4
ARTH 492Independent Study1
(One credit must be on a topic from group I)
Choose six of the following, at least one from each group:18
Group I - Ancient Medieval
Survey of Ancient Art
Roman, Etruscan, Greek
Art and Architecture of Egypt
Greek Art and Architecture
Roman Art and Architecture
Medieval Art
Group II - Renaissance & Baroque
Late Gothic Painting
Early Renaissance to 15th Century Art
High Renaissance and Mannerism
Baroque Art in Italy and Southern Europe, 1600-1700
Baroque Art in Northern Europe
Art in the Age of Revolution
Group III - Modern & Contemporary
19th Century Art
Art in the United States
Beginnings of Modern Art
20th Century Art
Contemporary Art
Art in the United States
Art and Social Activism
Group IV - Non-Western, Diversity, Theory
Ancient Art Mesoamerica
History of Decorative Arts
History of Asian Art and Architecture
History of Printmaking
Contemporary Art & Ecology
Total Credits27