School of Music

The School of Music at Montana State University offers dynamic programs in music, music technology, and music education, preparing students for various professions in music and music education, along with life-long musical enhancement.

Inspired by the belief that music is central to human ways of life, the School of Music affirms the University's mission to serve the people and communities of Montana by providing a musically enriched environment.

The School of Music is committed to contributing to the musical world through performance, scholarship, composition, leadership, and by nurturing the musical expression, understanding, discovery, and creativity of its faculty and students.

The School of Music offers classes to all students regardless of major and some music courses satisfy University core requirements.

Membership in School of Music ensembles is open to all students regardless of major.  Interested students may study band and orchestral instruments, voice, piano, and guitar. Some ensembles require an audition.

All incoming music majors must demonstrate their level of musicianship through auditions before being accepted into an applied studio.  Additionally, all incoming music majors must demonstrate their level of musicianship through theory, aural perception, and keyboard skills pre-tests, prior to enrollment.

Graduate Curricula

A selection of courses in music education, music theory, and music history are offered at the graduate level.  A Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is available with a Professional Educator Option, especially designed for K-12 music teachers.  The degree is offered through the Department of Education.

Master's Program Information