Music Minor (non-Teaching)

A Music Minor (Non-Teaching) is offered for those non-majors across the university whose involvement with the School of Music forms a substantial portion of their undergraduate study.

Students are required to audition with the appropriate applied instrumental or vocal faculty prior to the first semester of study for all music programs.  Placement in MUSI 195 (Applied Music) will be at the sole determination of the applied studio professor. Students with limited experience on their principal instrument are responsible for obtaining preparatory instruction and basic music-reading skills and may be required to complete MUSI 102 in order to develop the required skills necessary to be accepted for applied study and enroll in MUSI 195. Advancement to the next level will be by performance jury and with the approval of the applied music instructor. All applied music students are expected to participate in the School's band, choral, and orchestral ensembles.  Acceptable ensembles are listed in the Music Major Handbook. A minimum of 4 credits of Applied Music must be taken over a period of four semesters.

Students seeking a music minor must achieve the grade of "C" or better in all required music courses.

Completion of a course with a "C" or better is required to satisfy all music prerequisites.  Any exceptions will be at the sole discretion of the SOM Director.

The following Foundation Courses may be taken a maximum of two times in order to meet the "C" or better requirement of the music minor.

Nine upper-division credits in music must be completed for the music minor.

MUSI 105Music Theory I3
MUSI 106Music Theory II3
MUSI 140Aural Perception I1
MUSI 141Aural Perception II1
MUSI 195Applied Music I1
MUSI 195Applied Music I1
Choose one of the following:3
Enjoyment of Music
Masterworks in Music
MUSI 295Applied Music II1
MUSI 295Applied Music II1
MUSI 307IAWorld Music3
Music Ensembles (see music major handbook for acceptable ensembles)4
Music Electives (no ensembles or applied music)6
Total Credits28