Science Education Concentration

BIOB 160Principles of Living Systems4
or BIOB 170IN Principles of Biological Diversity
Choose one additional course from the following:3-4
Principles of Living Systems
Principles of Biological Diversity
Environmental Science and Society
Unseen Universe: Microbes
Earth System Sciences
Choose one additional course from the following:3-4
Introduction to Astronomy: Mysteries of the Sky
Earth System Sciences
Yellowstone: Scientific Lab
Choose one Chemistry and one Physics lab course and one additional course from the following:9-12
Introduction to General Chemistry
and Introduction to General Chemistry Lab
College Chemistry I
and College Chemistry I Lab
The Physics of How Things Work
Physics by Inquiry
College Physics I
College Physics II
Total Credits19-24

All courses in this option must be completed with a grade of C or better and with a minimum option GPA of 2.75. Students choosing this option voluntarily select a program that requires additional coursework beyond the 120 credits required for a standard four-year degree.