Certificate in Climate Science for Educators

This certificate allows educators to investigate the important topic of climate science and its impact on our planet, while developing an understanding of and ability to communicate the current state of climate change and the science surrounding climate change. Using new knowledge and pedagogy, create custom lesson plans and instruct your students in the use of weather instrumentation.

Students will successfully complete 12 credits selected from MS in Science Education (MSSE) Program Course Catalog:

BIOE 595Ecology and Conservation of the World's Marine Ecosystems for Teachers (Fall-Online)3
BIOE 596Land Use Issues in GYE for Teachers (Summer-On Campus)2
CHMY 595Chemistry of the Environment for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
EELE 508Solar Cell Basics for Teachers (Summer-On Campus)2
ERTH 519Watershed Hydrology for Teachers (Spring-Odd Years-Online)3
ERTH 520Fundamentals of Oceanography for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
ERTH 523Weather for Elementary and Middle School Teachers (Spring-Online)3
ERTH 524K-14 Earth System Science (Fall-Online)3
ERTH 525Landforms for Elementary Teachers (Summer-Online)1
ERTH 527Weather & Climate for Teachers (Spring-Online)3
ERTH 528Climate Change for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
ERTH 596Geology of Glacier National Park for Teachers (Summer-On Campus)2
MB 536Exploring Microbiology (Summer-Even Years-Online)3
MB 540Environmental Microbiology (Summer-Odd Years-Online)3
MSSE 503Integrating Literature into the Biology/Life Science Classroom (Spring-Online)3
PHSX 597Physics of Renewable Energy for Teachers (Summer-Online)3