Certificate in Science Teaching Physics

From the study of basic forces to investigating the farthest reaches of the universe, this certificate allows the student to meet varying interests or focus on a single area, such as mechanical physics or astronomy.

Complete 12 credits selected from the below list, or other approved credits from the MS in Science Education (MSSE) Program Course Catalog:

EELE 508Solar Cell Basics for Teachers (Summer-On Campus)2
PHSX 511Astronomy for Teachers (Fall-Online)3
PHSX 512General Relativity Online (Spring-Online)3
PHSX 513Quantum Mechanics Online (Summer-Online)3
PHSX 514Comparative Planetology Online (Fall-Online)3
PHSX 571Electric Circuits and Magnetism for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
PHSX 572Space Science for Elementary Teachers (Fall-Odd Years-Online)1
PHSX 573The Science of Sound for Teachers (Spring-Online)2
PHSX 574World of Motion & Force for Elem/MS Teachers (Summer-Online)2
PHSX 579Special Relativity for Teachers (Fall-Online)3
PHSX 580Conceptual Physics for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
PHSX 582Astrobiology for Teachers Online (Spring-Online)3
PHSX 584Physics by Inquiry: Light & Color for Teachers (Summer-Odd Years-On Campus)2
PHSX 586Physics by Inquiry: Heat & Temperature for Teachers (Summer-Even Years-On campus)2
PHSX 587Physics by Inquiry: Geometric Optics for Teachers (Summer-Odd Years-On campus)2
PHSX 597Physics of Renewable Energy for Teachers (Summer-Online)3