Certificate in Science Teaching in Earth Science

The Certificate in Science Teaching in Earth Science offers courses ranging from geology and landforms to hydrology and paleontology. Also included and recommended while earning this certificate is a broad scoped course listed as Earth System Science.

Complete 12 credits selected from the below list:

ERTH 516North Rocky Mtn Geology (Summer-On Campus)2
ERTH 519Watershed Hydrology for Teachers (Spring-Odd Years-Online)3
ERTH 520Fundamentals of Oceanography for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
ERTH 521Geology of the Moon for Teachers (Spring-Even Years-Online)3
ERTH 523Weather for Elementary and Middle School Teachers (Spring-Online)3
ERTH 524K-14 Earth System Science (Fall-Online)3
ERTH 525Landforms for Elementary Teachers (Summer-Online)1
ERTH 527Weather & Climate for Teachers (Spring-Online)3
ERTH 528Climate Change for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
ERTH 587Invertebrate Paleontology for Teachers (Spring-Odd Years-Online)3
ERTH 594Seminar (Summer-On Campus)1
ERTH 595Historical Geology for Teachers (Fall-Online)3
ERTH 596Geology of Glacier National Park for Teachers (Summer-On Campus)2
ERTH 597Vertebrate Paleontology for Teachers (Spring-Even Years-Online)3
GEO 521Dinosaur Paleontology (Summer-On Campus)2
GEO 522Dino Paleontology II (Summer-Even Years-On Campus)2
GEO 585Mineralogy for Science Teachers (Spring-On Campus)1
LRES 582Streamside Science for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
LRES 584Twelve Principles of Soil Science for Teachers (Spirng-Odd Years-Online)3
LRES 585Water Quality in the Classroom for Teachers (Spring-Even Years-Online)3
MSSE 503Integrating Literature into the Biology/Life Science Classroom (Spring-Online)3
PHSX 511Astronomy for Teachers (Fall-Online)3